Wish Night: Marengo Support Services (set your own donation)

Please read the notes below, or check with Marengo support staff for questions!

Support Team



Dear Families,

We hope you had a wonderful summer filled with rest and lots of family time. We are excited for
another year of learning and fun. As we think ahead, we look forward to working with you and
your child to make this year a rewarding and successful experience. Each year, we are very
happy to be able to participate in Wish Night. Donations are greatly appreciated as they make it
possible for us to update existing materials and purchase new supplies for children to use
throughout the school year. The following is a list of items we would like to purchase this year to
help the students in the SAI/RSP program.

  • Teachers Pay Teachers materials- $100
  • Educational iPad apps for academic stimulation- $150
  • Tactile Supports/Fidgets- $200
  • Classroom Incentives- $100
  • Printer/copier, paper, and Ink Cartridges- $600
  • Classroom Travel Cart- $25
  • Pencils/Erasers/Paper/index cards/rings/folders/markers (class supplies)- $100
  • Tissues/hand sanitizer- $50

$1325 Total Request

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to talk about any of the materials. You can donate two ways!

  1. Online at Marengopta.org
    a. Specify the department for the donation (i.e. Special Education SAI/RSP)
  2. Check/Cash/Gift card
    a. All checks should be made out to WISH NIGHT MARENGO
    b. Use a WISH NIGHT envelope, found in the front office.

Write “Special education SAI/RSP” or “Jessica Arthur & Julie Lee SAI/RSP” on the front of the envelope.

We feel privileged to be able to work with you and your student. Thank you for your support. We sincerely appreciate everything.

Best Regards,
Jessica Arthur & Julie Lee
Special Education (SAI/RSP) at Marengo Elementary


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