Super Science Night

Wednesday, February 27th for Super Science Night 5:45pm – 8pm.

Come join us for a great night of science exploration!
Take a look at the list of activities and see below for online reservations.
Classroom Presentations:
  • Does it rain Jupiter or snow on Mars?
  • Water: What happens after the drain?
  • Germs Everywhere! Friend or foe?
  • Black Hole News
  • A Very Virtual Voyage with Google Expeditions
  • How Do Flies Fly?
  • Amazing Magnets
  • A Gentle Introduction to Robotics
  • How Animals See
  • InSight into Mars

Auditorium Demos


  • Robotic Arm
  • Fractals All Around
  • Artificial Wood
  • The Amazing Eyeball
  • Cinematography: Art or Science?
  • Exergaming with Muscle Power

Make Online Reservations for the classroom presentations here!

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