Wish Night: Marengo Support Services (set your own donation)

Please read the notes below, or check with Marengo support staff for questions!

Support Team


A letter from the Marengo Elementary Speech & Language/Occupational Therapy/APE

Dear Families,

We hope you had a wonderful summer filled with rest and and lots of family time. The support staff at Marengo Elementary School is excited for another year of learning, growth and fun here at Marengo Elementary.   As we think ahead, we look forward to working with you and your child to make this year a rewarding and successful experience. Each year, we are very happy to be able to participate in Wish Night. Donations are greatly appreciated as they make it possible for us to update existing materials and purchase new supplies for children to use throughout the school year.  

As you may already know, SPUSD is in the bottom 10% of funding statewide thus, we receive less funding than other districts through the state’s LCFF plan.  Local fundraising such as wish night gives special education a tremendous boost by allowing us to provide children with the latest technology, equipment and resources to help them succeed and thrive in their future endeavors.

Thank you for your support. We sincerely appreciate the Marengo Community and all that you have done for our programs.  The following categories list the skill areas where we need the most support from our community.

Speech and Language Skills:  $200

  • Teachers Pay Teachers materials
  • Language and Social Communication Games (i.e. from Super Duper, Linguasystems, Northern Speech Services)
  • iPad apps for interactive language stimulation

Social Skills:  $200

  • Yearly subscription to EverydaySpeech.com for access to social skills videos, apps, and worksheets

Gross/Fine/Visual Motor Skills:  $200

  • Movement and Motor Skills Games
  • Balance Boards/Stomp Rockets/Velcro Ball & Catch Game/Zoom Ball
  • Eye-Droppers/Tweezers/Manipulative Tools
  • Spatial Awareness Puzzles and Games
  • Drawing Activities

Sensory Motor Integration:  $300

  • Chair Adaptations
  • Wobble Stools
  • Oral-Motor Sensory Tools
  • Therapeutic Listening
  • Weighted Blankets/Animals

Adapted Physical Education:  $300

  • Scooter Boards
  • Object Control Tools
  • Adapted and Sensory balls
  • Tossing Items
  • Handballs  
  • Balance disk
  • Spot Markers

Therapy Room Supplies: $100

  • Paper/craft supplies for fine/visual motor activities
  • Tissues/hand sanitizer
  • Classroom incentives

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to talk about any of the materials.  

We feel privileged to be able to work with you and your student. Thank you for your support. We sincerely appreciate everything.

Best Regards,

Support Staff at Marengo Elementary
Laura Akcasu, CCC-SLP
Karen Grace, OTR/L
Bryant Lopez, APE

A letter from Ms Hutto, Marengo Intervention Counselor

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself and participate in the Marengo Wish Night program.  My role at the school involves working closely with parents, teachers, students, administrators, and specialists. Some of the tasks performed include the facilitation of Student Success Team meetings, writing 504 plans, consulting with teachers and parents for best classroom practices, referring students for special education assessments, counseling, creating plans for general education students’ success, and advising.  My sunny office is located in the auditorium.

Below is a list of the materials I request for this school year.  I added a brief description of this request so donators understand how contributions improve my services.

  1. Sitting Still as a Frog (Amazon) book about mindfulness practices for calming and de-stressing students (and teachers!) = $14.95 +tax
  2. How to be a Lion by Ed Vare (Amazon) book about kindness and befriending others =$14.88 +tax
  3. Stickers to motivate, reward, and remember students =$25
  4. TSG Inspirational and Encouragement Stones (Amazon) These beautiful stones prompt conversation with more quiet students and provide a transitional object for students having a harder day =$28.99 + tax
  5. Miscellaneous art supplies for counseling students: Arteza Watercolor pencils =$14.99 +tax; Alex Modeling Clay =$26.95 + tax  (2) Mindfulness Coloring Books for Children = $5.99/ $6.99 +tax (Amazon)
  6. Wall art through Fine Art America. (2) Wildlife posters 30 x 20 of lion cubs. Each poster is $49.95 +tax but I have requested an educator discount. These are unframed so I would take them to Cantu’s for mounting on foam board, an additional $40. Thank you for considering this request in creating an inviting space for children and their parents. = $140.00 +tax
  7. The Great Kindness Challenge (Supplies to be determined) = $100-150
  8. A couple of very artistic, inspired, willing parents to help me create a kindness tree or kindness quilt. Cost would be donated time and maybe some scrap materials.

Total request for 2018-2019 school year = $450

Thank you very much for including me in Wish Night and considering my requests.


A List of Wish Night PE Items:

  1. Bean Bag Toss Game (5 Sets)          $39.99 ea.
  2. Pack of 40 cones (2 sets)                  $19.99 ea.
  3. Resistance Parachute (6x)                $10.00 ea.
  4. Agility Ladders (8x)                            $15.00 ea.
  5. Potato Sacks (set of 12)                     $55.99 ea.
  6. Medicine Balls (9-10 lbs.)                   $29.99 ea.
  7. Scrimmage Vest (4 dozen)
  8. Blindfold (4 Sets of 6 Colors)
  9. Jumbo Eggs and Spoon (Set of 6)     $101.99 ea.
  10. Cageball 36” (2x)                                $80.00 ea.   Cover (1x)                                           $53.99 ea.
  1. Rubber Critters . Chicken (4 ea.)                                   $10.29 ea.
  1. Pig (4 ea.) $15.29 ea.
  2. Badminton Racquet (10x) $9.25 ea.
  3. Shuttlecocks (2 cans) $17.99 ea.
  4. Tachikara Rubber balls 8 ½”  (10x)
  1. Physical Fitness Awards:




  1. Heavy Duty Hopper Balls 66” (2x) $40.00 ea.

*If funding is available, both Coach B and myself can make these purchases and be reimbursed to ensure that we have the right materials and equipment to continue to succeed at developing the program.



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