Wish Night: Art Support (set your own donation)

Support the Arts


Dear Marengo Parents,

Please don’t forget to support the Arts in our school!
The Visual, Theatre and Music Art Teachers instruct all 781 students at Marengo, and with your donations, the Visual and Performing Arts Programs are able to stay robust and diverse each and every year.

The Visual Arts Program, especially, is a material-driven program; and your dollars truly help the program GROW and THRIVE with respect to creativity and conceptual exploration. This year, our students will be introduced to a brand new art course that explores Symbolic Language and Meaning in Art through clever word play, poems and cultural folklore. From painting to sculpting to fiber arts, Wish Night Funds have a considerable impact on the quality and diversity of materials used by our students.

With sincere gratitude, we thank you for helping us maintain exemplary Visual and Performing Arts Programs within our school district!

Sarit Swanborn (Visual Arts); Chris Mannal (Theatre Arts); Ashley Diggs (Music Arts)

2018-2019 Visual Arts Wish List:

Art Supplies:

  • Model Construction: wood, wire, cardboard $ 200
  • Clay (low fire, air-dry) $ 390
  • Paper (collage, watercolor, construction) $ 400
  • Staple (glues, pens, scissors, charcoal pencils, brushes) $ 350
  • Paint (watercolor, tempera, oil pastel) $ 500
  • Mixed Media (fabric, beads, feathers, yarn) $ 200
  • Clean-up (newsprint, paper towels, containers) $ 200
  • Printmaking (brayers, acrylic plates, block ink) $ 200


  • Art Books (artists / poetry) $ 150


  • Artifacts, Magnifiers, Specimens $ 100


  • Mini Portable Projector (aesthetic valuing) $ 400

Total Wish List: $3,090

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