All City Track Meet


Show your Marengo school spirit by participating in the

ALL CITY TRACK MEET Friday, April 27, 2018 at 4:00pm


STEP 1 of 2: FIRST, complete this registration form for each student you are registering. ALL CITY TRACK MEET REGISTRATION

STEP 2 of 2: Then return to the PTA shop page of the PTA website for STEP TWO to PAY for all students you are registering and any extra adult t-shirts ($5 each) using the PTA SHOP page. The link to pay is  Your payment covers the cost of the t-shirt each child participant will receive. 

NOTE: To complete registration, you MUST ALSO VISIT the Marengo PTA Shop page to PAY for your child’s registration at the link referenced above.

For detailed information about the track meet, click here: All City Track Meet 2018

Questions? Contact: Jennifer Kowal